Kew Medical Practice

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Telephone: 020 8487 8292

Fax: 020 8878 9621


For all our referrals, the GP will suggest an appropriate referral and offer you the chance to decide which hospital you would like to go to.

The referral will be processed on the same day and a member of our reception team will send the referral to the appropriate hospital, clinic or treatment centre.

Referrals are either sent by fax, email or through an online system to RCAS. The reception team will be happy to tell you more about where the referrals are sent to and there to help ensure the process is as quick and efficient as possible.

When should I hear back?

For a routine NHS referral, we generally say that the wait can be up 3 weeks. For urgent referrals, there is a maximum of a 2 week wait.

If you haven’t heard back within this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8487 8292 and a member of the team will assist you in chasing it up.

Useful Telephone Numbers

RCAS: 020 8865 3342

Kingston Hospital: 020 8546 7711

Queen Mary’s Hospital: 020 8487 6290 (appointments)

St George’s Hospital: 020 8725 0007 (appointments)